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Make A Wish
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Wish with all your heart on this magical glow in the dark pillowcase! The stars light up at night along with a sky full of hopes and dreams just waiting to come true! Give the gift of good wishes and motivation. Inspire the women in your life to take a deep breath, look to the stars and make a wish! Throw caution to the wind, wish big, wish for anything and everything, then wish for that ONE thing that you know will change your life forever - for the better!!

Wishes are what get us threw a rough patch, a moment of weakness when all seems lost and hopeful moments when we know we can ask for and accomplish anything! Go for it - get yourself a magical glow in the dark MAKE A WISH never know when your lucky star will be ready for you!
Choose ONE:Make a Wish-Not Personalized $10.95
Make a Wish Personalized $13.95
Personalization Text-Limit 20 letters:
Gift Wrap Choice:No Gift Wrap
Birthday Animal Print add $3.00
Hearts and Flowers add $3.00
Love Bug add $3.00
Splashy Stripes add $3.00
Christmas add $3.00
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