Our current fun and easy COMFY COZY® CRAFT PROJECT:)

4th of July Stars! 

There’s still time to make a fun 4th of July craft!  This fun project is easy for kids to help with AND you can use our RED, WHITE & BLUE Stars for any Patriotic Holiday (Flag Day, Memorial Day, Olympics).J The concept is the same as the Bunnies & Shamrock craft, so go gather up a few simple items and you’ll have your windows & doors cheerfully decorated in no time!

Materials needed:

·      Star clip art or draw your own to suit your taste.  I used 3 sizes.

·      2 sheets of tracing paper or card stock.

·      Scissors.  For this project I used pinking shears because it looks cuter.

·      Hole punch or awl.  I have a punch w/ a very small hole which is better than your average hole punch.

·      Craft Glue

·      Fabric marker or permanent marker

·      Yarn – I used blue, but red or white will do.

·      Felt or Craft Foam.  I like the “natural” look of felt over foam.  Red.  White.  Blue.

·      Tape


1)    Copy or trace the STAR shape onto the paper/card stock. Cut them out. I have 2 sizes of stars.


2)    Trace STAR onto Felt or Foam. If your shape is symmetrical, fold it in half and place on the fold. 


3)    Cut them out.  Pinking shears give a more festive look to these shapes instead of straight edge scissors.

4)    At the last minute, we decided to layer our STARS with a smaller STAR in the center.  You can skip this step if you want OR just cut out 12 smaller stars and using the CRAFT GLUE, glue them to the center of each larger STAR.


5)    Cut TWO very SMALL holes, evenly spaced about an inch from the top & in the center of the STAR.

6)    Cut Yarn to desired length for windows or doors. I wrap a piece of tape on the end of yard so it doesn’t fray and is easier to slip thru holes.

7)    Slip yarn thru holes in STARS. Tie a knot at the bottom so the STAR doesn’t slip off.


8)    Hang with tape on windows or doors. TA DA!



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