Comfy Cozy has created a line of glow in the dark pillowcases, travel and toddler pillows that are not only FUN, but FUNCTIONAL!   Our magical pillowcase designs delight all ages, they'll help our youngest children to overcome a fear of the dark and for big kids, well, glow in the dark is just cool!  

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Below is a list of lots of "faq's".  We hope all of your questions can be answered here, if not, please contact us for more details.

How do I wash/dry the pillowcase? TOP
Our pillow cases are machine washable/ tumble dry. They have been Professionally tested (AATCC 124 III A @ 105 degrees F, tumble dried) and rated a Class 4.5 (out of 5) for Durability of the Designs. Turn all screen printed products inside out to protect the design. You may iron, on reverse side only. In addition to the Professional tests, we have TRIED to destroy our products:) So far, repetitive laundering (2 pillow cases for over 10 years) we haven't been able to change the quality of our pillow cases! So, if you happen to dump 1/2 bottle of bleach in the machine...don't worry - we've already done it!!

How long will the design glow? TOP
Our designs will glow for 5-10 minutes. This depends on the intensity and duration of exposure to light. Children enjoy watching the design slowly fade away. We always said "the pillow case is going to sleep, time for you to close your eyes!" To see the design again, a quick shot of light will make it glow again. DO NOT lay pillowcases directly on lamp shades or lightbulbs!

What is the Federal Flammability Fabric Act? TOP
Comfy Cozy? pillow cases have been tested and rated as a Class 1 material in accordance with procedures of the Federal Flammability Fabrics Act. (Title 16 C.F.R. Section 1610) While there are NO flammability standards for many home furnishings products, including bedding, Comfy Cozy? submitted our products for testing. It was an expense we felt was important to the safety of our customers. The tests do not mean that our products will not burn. For a complete document (pdf file) click here.

What is the difference in size between a standard and travel pillowcase? TOP
A Standard pillowcase will fit any Standard pillow. The dimensions are approximately: 20 x 30. Our Travel or Toddler pillowcase is approximately 11.5 x 16 inches. See image below for comparison.

What type of ink do you use on your pillowcase? TOP
Comfy Cozy uses a non-toxic ink for our printing. The designs are hand screen printed by our own printer, then "cured" (heated/dried) to make the design permanent. They are safe to sleep on and easy to care for. The design will not peel off.

Why don't we use "water-based" ink? Based on the quantity we produce, we cannot use water-based inks. Products printed using water-based inks require a lengthy drying time and alot of space. We used them when we first started our business, however, we think our products now are more durable with our current process. The inks we use are perfectly safe.  Please see next question for more info.

What is the CPSIA and does Comfy Cozy products comply? TOP
The CPSIA is the new Consumer Products Safety Improvements Act.  It was passed in August 2008 and came out of the large amount of toys that had been discovered to contain high amounts of lead paint.  Mainly, these products had been manufactured overseas for large companies, but the Act doesn't target only large manufacturers.  While we support the intention of the Act, it's requirements can have devastating effects on small businesses across America. 

Comfy Cozy, inc. has been using Non-Toxic inks since we started our company in 1994.  We can assure our customers that the inks we use are safe and do not contain lead.  On July 24th, Comfy Cozy,inc. sent samples of our products to a CPSC approved testing lab and will post results of these tests ASAP.

If you would like a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf) on our inks, please click on our contact page and complete the form.

What is the difference between a VOUCHER Code and a Special Offer Code that is entered in the COMMENTS BOX? TOP
VOUCHER Codes are for discounts that will automatically be reflected on the order form when you hit "Recalculate", such as Free Shipping or a % Off.

Some Special Offer CODES cannot be entered in the VOUCHER section of the order form.  Our Shopping Cart cannot recalculate the discount for these special offer Codes.  The Special Offer WILL be made to your Credit Card when your order is processed and you will receive a follow-up email with the new total for your order.

Can I order a Custom Design? TOP
Yes. Comfy Cozy, inc. has created a new division, Glowfx Designs for all Custom Designs. Please click HERE for complete details.

What type of payment do you accept? TOP
Credit & Debit Cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal and personal checks. ALL orders are processed and charged to your credit card or PayPal account PRIOR to shipping. For Mail Orders with personal checks, checks must clear BEFORE we process the order.

We hope you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  Any questions regarding your order must be made within 5 days of receipt of order.  If approved, ALL returns or exchanges must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number.

A 15% re-stocking fee will be charged to your account if return is NOT due to a Comfy Cozy error. 

PERSONALIZED merchandise CANNOT be returned unless spelling is due to a Comfy Cozy error.

How soon will my order ship? TOP
All orders ship in 3-5 business days. During the busy holiday season of November and December, this may change to 5-7 days. Comfy Cozy? ships via USPS Standard and Priority Mail. For Standard Mail, you should recieve your order within 7-10 days from the DATE the order was placed. For Priority Mail, you should receive your order withing 4-8 days. For faster delivery, please select Fed Ex Next Day or UPS Overnight Delivery. We compare rates among carriers for the fastest, most cost effective shipping.

Who creates your designs and poems? TOP
ALL Comfy Cozy? designs are created by owner, Peggy Schafer Vincent. Except the Magic Wizard, Zebra Trio and Ballerina Bunny which were drawn by her husband, Scott. ALL poems are written by Peggy Schafer Vincent. Our designs and poems are protected by US Copyright laws. No reproduction or use without permission is prohibited. The Comfy Cozy name AND logo are trademarked through the US Patent and Trademark office.

Can you make a Pooh? pillowcase (or other licensed character)? TOP
No. This requires being a licensee of the company that owns the character. Currently, we only offer our own original designs. While you may see them offered, this is illegal and an infringement of the owner's copyright.

Do you have a Fund Raising program? TOP
If you are interested in using Comfy Cozy? glow in the dark Pillowcases for your next Fund Raiser, please complete our form on the contact us page or call 610-466-7197.

How many words can my Personalization be? TOP
Typically, our customers request ONLY 1 name. We request that you limit your text to a MAXIMUM of five words OR 20 Characters for STANDARD Pillowcases. 

We do not Personalize on Toddler/Travel Pillowcase. 
Please email us if with Special Requests BEFORE placing your order. 

Any Personalization OVER the above will be $5 per pillowcase.  

Is your site safe for on line payments? TOP

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