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Life it a beautiful thing!  We get bogged down with all the "stuff"  & forget to take a minute and just "be".   Or, we spend a lot of time and energy on what we think we "should be" or what other people expect us to be.  I needed a way to stop and smell the roses, to focus on what "I" wanted to be.  For me, that turned into a new glow in the dark pillowcase with inspirational reminders.  I don't have time for a yoga class, time to meditate or a day at the spa, but I do have time to use all these phrases as my mantra both when I wake up then again when I turn out the lights.  Every day is a NEW DAY to define your life and your self -  why not start today!

Ideal for mom's, teens, grandmas and graduates.  Don't forget teachers!   We all run on overdrive sometimes, let's take a moment to just "be"!
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