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Comfy Cozy, inc. has been an annual donor for the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Silent Auction in Northern California for 3 years and we want to do more to help raise money & awareness for TSC.  Now thru December 15th of this year, Comfy Cozy will donate 15% of your purchase to the Jack & Julia Center for TSC when you enter "TSC" in the COMMENTS BOX during check out.  

TSC is a "lesser known" genetic disorder which can have unpredictable and devastating affects on those afflicted.   It causes tumors to grow in major organs such as the brain, lungs, kidney, heart and skin. It causes seizures, mental retardation, autism, behavioral disorders and other medical conditions. 1 in 6000 are born with TSC.  There is no cure, and every child is different in the severity of the disorder.  TSC is a leading known genetic cause of autism and epilepsy. 

Comfy Cozy,inc. owner, Peggy S. Vincent, became aware of TSC when her dear friend, Dena Mitchell's son was diagnosed 6 years ago.  Matthew is blessed to have a very minor case but he has developed seizures associated with TSC over the past year.  His mother has been tireless in her efforts to raise funding and awareness for TSC by chairing and organizing events.

Dena and her boys have enjoyed Comfy Cozy pillowcases for all birthdays, her husband's deployment, and as gifts.  She is the "queen" of our "Autograph Birthday Pillowcases"!  Every year friends and family sign the boys' pillowcases and they have a wonderful collection of keepsakes.  Below is Matthew and Ryan with one of their pillowcases:

Thank you for helping us by entering "TSC" in the COMMENTS BOX when you check out.  

The funds raised will benefit not only the TSC Clinic in Northern California, but all those worldwide afflicted by TSC in the research, treatment, and family support that is made possible by donations and awareness.  As well as the multitude of other medical conditions that can be helped through TSC research, such as autism, epilepsy, mental disorders, tumor growth, etc.

For donations directly to Matthew Mitchell's fundraising efforts, visit his web page:   

For event information, go to

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