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The Comfy Cozy family now includes the cutest little Beagle you've ever seen! In celebration of dog and cat ownership, we've created two glow in the dark pillowcase designs:  PUPPY LOVE & CAT NAP.  The pillowcases can be PERSONALIZED with your pet's or owner's name.

We don't let our Beagle puppy sleep with our boys, yet, in the meantime there is a PUPPY LOVE pillowcase on their beds!  This adorable pillowcase makes for a perfect travel pillow for your pet, too - slip it on a pillow so your puppy has a soft place to relax in the car - then toss it into the washer for easy cleaning.

Keep your Cat lovers and kittens cozy too!  We're pretty sure this will be the most unique gift the cat owners in your life will receive!

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Puppy Love
Puppy Love
$16.95 $10.95