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We've all heard the saying "Life is too short to...".  Around here, we think life is too short to not drink REALLY good wine and eat the BEST chocolate!  That led to our fun new Glow in the Dark design, just for grown-ups, with the mantra "Eat Chocolate, Drink Wine, Sleep Naked"!  

The collection includes a comfy cozy nightshirt, travel pillow and "say what's on your mind"  t-shirts.  The wine lover and chocoholic in your life will get a kick out of the entertaining sentiment and wear the tee shirt proudly to wine festivals, parties or just lounging around the house.  Of course, what you or they sleep in, is none of our business!!

Click on the images below to start shopping for your wine & chocolate loving friends and family. 
Wine & Chocolate T- Shirt
Wine & Chocolate T- Shirt