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October 19, 2002 - Local Work-at-Home Mother Believes in "Pay It Forward" Philosophy!

For Immediate Release: Contact: Peggy Schafer Vincent
October 19, 2002 1-610-466-7197

Local Work-at-Home Mother Believes in "Pay It Forward" Philosophy!
Free Marketing and Promotional Help Does Exist for Small Businesses.

East Fallowfield, PA - Peggy Vincent, owner of Comfy Cozy,inc., creators of original Glow in the Dark Pillow Cases, joins other small businesses to promote the "Pay it Forward" philosophy by bringing awareness to a unique, free program that helps build businesses and enrich lives.

The Mom Pack, is an on-line forum, hosted by Lynn Korff of Korff Ceramic Originals in Cabot, PA. It started out as a free advertising campaign where work-at-home-moms (WAHM) gathered each other?s company information, placed them in envelopes (or packs), and delivered them to customers via on-line and mail orders, fairs and home shows. Today, The Mom Pack is an International group of women covering all 50 states, plus several foreign countries. In 2 years, the "Pay It Forward" philosophy has only grown stronger.

?Joining The Mom Pack has enabled me to promote Comfy Cozy products across the nation and more importantly, directly to my target market.? says Vincent. ?With the majority of ?packs? going to women and parents of small children, my brochure has a greater chance of creating a sale than an expensive ad in a major magazine - and it?s free.? Vincent is now hoping to bring the success of this program to a local level by bringing WAHM?s of Chester County together. ?The challenges of being a small woman owned business and the high cost of marketing can be overcome with a supportive program like The Mom Pack!?

Mom Packs are the perfect alternative for companies like Comfy Cozy to add extra value to their product. They are free, they help promote small businesses, and customers appreciate the discounts and samples.

Comfy Cozy, inc. offers a collection of 25 ?magical? designs Vincent has been creating since 1994. From Angels to Zebras, Engagements to new parents & holidays, there is a design for every occasion. Along with Pillow Cases, the company also has an innovative line of Photo~Sticker Calendars. ?We provide consumers with unique personalized gifts for today that will become treasured keepsakes in years to come.? says Vincent.

To ?experience the magic? of Comfy Cozy, please visit the company web site or call 1-800-862-8296. To learn more about The Mom Pack, visit


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