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August 7 2010 - Enchanted Makeovers Benefit Luncheon

We are so proud to have joined Terry Grahl and her organization, Enchanted Makeovers, to change the interior of battered women and children's shelters across the country.  Comfy Cozy is donating our glow in the dark pillowcases to make going to bed a little more cheerful and inspiring positive thoughts all day long!

On August 7, 2010 a dozen donors, all part of the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Community, met in Gettysburg PA at Quite the Stir Bed & Breakfast for a luncheon for the women of Claudia House.  The day was a testament to how we can all come together to make the temporary homes the women and children live in more of a "home".

Comfy Cozy also donated pillowcases for a makeover of a Chicago shelter and another one in New Jersey.  Both of these events included activities for the residents of the shelters including craft projects, facials/makeovers, yoga classes and more.  These events are not only uplifting to those seeking shelter, but for all of the donors that contribute time & talent to inspire everyone involved.

Please visit ENCHANTEDMAKEOVERS.ORG for more information and to learn how you can help.

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