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April 23, 2008 - Summer Camp Pillowcase is a reminder of Good times!

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April 23, 2008
Contact:  Peggy Schafer Vincent
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This pillowcase is a glowing reminder of good times!

EAST FALLOWFIELD PA (April 23, 2008) – Summer camp is coming soon.  It’s time to pull out the camp list and get started on the shopping, checking and

     While you’re tucking away reminders of home, add a Comfy Cozy® pillowcase that will help your child remember this summer camp for years to come.  Whether the camp is for arts, outdoor recreation, sports or cheerleading, these original glow-in-the-dark autograph pillowcases are a great comfort for first time campers and allow children to bring home personalized reminders of the new friends they made at camp.

     The designs on each pillowcase are bright and cheery by day. When lights
out comes, the designs transform into gently glowing art that shines in the
dark.  Each pillowcase comes with a fabric autograph pen so that camp friends
and counselors can write special messages that go home with the campers.

      “Everyone takes a pillow to camp and every pillow needs a case, so why
not make it one that helps break the ice with new friends?” asked Peggy
Schafer Vincent, creator of the pillowcases.  “Once campers are back home,
they have personalized souvenirs to use over and over again or tuck away with
camp photos and badges.”

     The camp pillowcases for boys and girls say, “Camp friends are the best
friends”.  Cheerleading, sports dreams and  “Best Friends” pillowcases are
available as well. The pillowcases, available only through Comfy Cozy, can be
ordered online at for $16.95 to $19.95, plus shipping and
handling.  For an extra $2.00, the pillowcase can be personalized.  The
pillowcases are featured on the site’s SHOP menu under AUTOGRAPH/CAMP.

     Comfy Cozy offers a creative line of fun, inspirational and motivational
pillowcase designs for boys and girls of all ages.  The company can customize
and personalize pillowcases for camps, organizations, church and school

     Comfy Cozy pillowcases fit standard pillows and are 50 percent cotton, 50
percent polyester percale.  They are hand screen printed, completely safe and
machine washable. The pillowcases retain their colors, glow and shape after
many years of use.

     Along with a unique selection of glow-in-the-dark pillowcases and travel
pillows for children and adults, the company carries a line of specialty
start-at-any-month keepsake calendars.

     Here are a few tips to help camp packing go more smoothly!
  -- Sit down with your child and make a camp packing list using the list
     recommended from camp.  Pay attention to the not-allowed list so your
     child knows what’s allowed and what’s not.
  -- Add personal incidentals (medications, orthodontic devises, etc.) to the
     list and check the camp policy on medications.  You may need to send
     prescription information or information from the child’s doctor.
  -- Only buy a few new things.  Camp life is tough on clothes and most kids
     enjoy wearing their old favorites anyway.
  -- Purchase toiletries and pack them in a plastic bag or basket so they are
     easy to take to the shower at camp.
  -- Pack some stamped and addressed envelopes with note cards or postcards
     and a pen so your child can write home. Address a card or two to
     grandparents, brothers, sisters or friends.
  -- Add a book or two for your child to read during rainy days or rest
  -- Include a copy of the packing list in the suitcase so your child can
     check to be sure everything comes home that went to camp.

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