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Femail Creations Catalog - Product Features

Includes images of Comfy Cozy? glow in the dark pillow cases that have appeared in Femail Creations Catalog since its maiden issue in 1997. Femail Creations features products made by small women owned businesses, many are hand crafted in the USA. Comfy Cozy? owner, Peggy S. Vincent is proud to be among the talented artists included in the catalog and web site. Femail Creations catalog is mailed to 2.5 million households.

Fall 2004. (image below) Peggy S. Vincent was one
of the featured artist for this issue of the Catalog.

Spring 2004 (image left). On the Cover!! How exciting to see our Pillow Case on the cover of a catalog that is mailed to 2.5 million people! Girls Can Do Anything has been in every Femail Creations catalog and since Fall 2002.

Spring 2003 (image above). Girls Rock! an original Custom Design exclusively created for Femail Creations. Holiday 2003 (image above) Girls Rock has been in every catalog since Fall 2003.

Maiden issue of Femail Creations Spring issue 1997. Lisa Hammond, owner of Femail Creations Catalog, ordered Comfy Cozy products for the first edition of her catalog. Her children had received my Glow in the Dark Pillow Cases for gifts (ordered out of another catalog) and loved them. I am thrilled to be part of this extraordinary catalog!

Fall 1997 - Comfy Cozy originally offered shirts with
matching Glow in the Dark designs

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